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Our story


We are a team of young people engaged in gastronomy for many years, gastronomy has always been a hobby for us and has gradually become a part of our life.

We studied at one of the most prestigious schools in the Czech Republic where we have acquired the base of our current gastronomic art.

We went through several restaurants, where we gradually gained more valuable experience and then decided to try to expand our skills abroad and therefore we went to the United Kingdom.

During the years we spent in England, we were further educated and learned a lot of informations. Our development of experience has resulted in several awards we are very much appreciated.

Based on these experiences and awards, we decided to build a home-made, tasty, high-quality and fresh "fast food" in the Czech Republic and for the time being in Brno, which we will further expand to other cities.

Our goal is to show people what we can do with our products, especially sandwiches, baguettes and other complementary kitchens. We want to bring our gastronomic art directly to our customers and make them cheerful smile and pleasure in consuming our products.

One of our basic principles in production is to keep the freshness of all products used in production. All ingredients that are part of the product are provided by local suppliers who have passed through our quality control network. The product we present to our customers is synonymous with the uncompromising freshness and quality we stand for.

That's why our brand GETFRESH, which already tries to express the values ​​we stand for in our name.

We will be glad to become our satisfied customers!